How to Lose 30lbs in 15 Weeks

Hello and welcome to my journey to lose 30lbs in 15 weeks! I used to be in decent shape when I was in highschool/university, but after graduating and getting an office job, I’ve become a lot more sedentary and thus, put on some pounds.

I’m going to document here my journey these next 15 weeks and this is how I plan to tackle this:

  1. Exercise
    The first pillar in every weight loss journey is exercise, of course. Move more than you consume to lose weight, and that’s exactly my plan here. I’m not going to try to immediately jump back into my old highschool workout routine, but I’m definitely going to start working towards that. My plan involves three different methods of exercise that I will try to incorporate into my everyday life.

    Firstly, is running. I used to be a big runner when I was in highschool and it definitely petered off a bit when I got into weight training and then a lot when I started at my job. I typically use MapMyRun or Nike Run Club to track any walks, hikes, etc. that I do, and recently I found out that they have a training plan feature!

    With this, I have built myself a plan to run 4x per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday) to work towards running 5km faster than I currently do. My plan is to run in the mornings before work, so that if I can’t do the morning for whatever reason then I can makeup the run in the evening.

    When I was running semi-regularly in April of this year, my pace was about 6:50/km, but since I’ve stopped I’ve slowed right down to 8:00/km. I’m confident that I’ll be able to get back to my old speed after a couple weeks of running, but it has always been my goal to run a sub 5:00/km, so that’s what I’m hoping to achieve along with my weight loss.

    My boyfriend and I have recently moved to a new location that’s about 20 mins by bike away from my workplace. I did a few bike rides with my neighbour and she is in significantly better shape than I am, so it’s embarrassing for me when I bike with her. Even though I know it’d probably good for me because she challenges me to bike faster, I feel so bad that I’m holding her back that I don’t like to bike with her.

    My plan is to bike to work on Tuesdays and Thursdays as to not interfere with my running plan, but the problem with my job is that I’m not always working at my office so there are some days that I won’t be able to bike. It’s unfortunate, but hopefully with the other pillars of my plan this won’t impact me too much.

    I recently registered to a yoga studio and have been going to their hot yoga classes semi-regularly. I LOVE IT!! It’s been so great, I always leave feeling refreshed and limber.

    The available classes are on Tues/Thurs evenings, Friday noons, and Sat/Sun afternoon. Which classes I’ll be able to go to will depend on my schedule, but I’m aiming to go at least twice a week.

  2. DIET
    I currently have a vegetarian diet but I’m hoping to transition into more of a plant-based/vegan diet during this journey. I practice intermittent fasting and cook dinner Monday – Friday but on weekends I usually have 2 meals and one will be at a restaurant and the other will be a group dinner with some friends.

    My big issue with diet is portion sizes. My boyfriend is 6 feet tall and I am 5′5″, but I consistently will eat the same or more than him during our mealtimes at dinner. This primarily stems from my anxiety(?) regarding leftovers – I hate seeing left over food or eating left over food. I couldn’t tell you why, I just hate leftovers.

    To overcome this, my plan is to reduce the amount of food I cook by ½ or 1/3 to prevent the possibility of leftover food and to reduce the chance that I will out-eat my boyfriend. 

    The final pillar of my weight loss journey is incorporating healthy habits into my every day life. This could include: taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking further away, going for walks and listening to podcasts instead of watching TV.

    I think a big part of the reason why I’ve put on so much weight since I started my office job is that I stopped moving in my day-to-day life. Instead of walking to school I was driving, instead of walking from class to class, I was sitting in the office all day, etc. 

    Incorporating more movement into my daily life will help keep me active, keep me moving, and hopefully help burn a few extra calories.

Anyway folks, wish me luck! I’ll keep you all updated on my journey these next 15 weeks – day one begins, tomorrow!!

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